Handbook on Investment schemes for Rescoop projects

The Handbook is divided in 3 sections:

• The first part focuses on the type of investment schemes and how to pick one for your project. In this section you can find a methodology set up by the partners of the REScoop 20-20-20 project to help you pinpoint an investment scheme which corresponds to the main characteristics of your RES project.

• The second section of the handbook is dedicated to the description of practical cases of REScoop investment schemes. It focuses on 4 key examples from the REScoop movement in Europe which have been identified as best practices based on different criterion among which the technical and economic sustainability of the project and the financing schemes and participation of citizens as shareholders.

• The third and final section of the handbook depicts new investment schemes that are either very punctually used or not yet set up to finance REScoops. It briefly explores a few leads, discussed and imagined in a collaborative way among the partners of the REScoop 20-20-20 project as a direct answer to today's barriers to set up new REScoop projects in Europe. This part of the handbook's main objective is to give an overview of the potential of several tools, methods and ideas which could be supported and exploited by the citizen-based projects in the renewable energy sector in the future.

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A release (01/09/2014)


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