Development of agricultural cooperatives in the EU 2014, with national statistics

A new report released by Cogeca reveals how the top 100 agri-cooperatives in the EU increased their turnover by 14% in 2013, compared to 2012, enhancing growth and jobs in the EU and helping farmers to have a viable future.

The 400 page report "Development of agricultural cooperatives in the EU 2014" presents up to date information and trends by country and by sector on the leading agri-cooperatives in the EU. The report is based on information provided by Cogeca Member organisations as well as by the European Commission and EU statistical office EUROSTAT.

Cogeca President Christian Pees said "Findings from the report show the huge economic importance of EU agri-cooperatives for the economy. They enable farmers to join forces to market their produce and get a better price for it, so that they can have a more viable future. Up against increasingly competitive markets, it will become crucial for farmers to join cooperatives and attain a higher economic performance". He continued "This report shows that the best economic performance in farming is found in the Member States and sectors which have a higher share of cooperatives. Good economic performance is achieved by cooperatives which pursue innovative entrepreneurial business strategies and add value to their produce through processing and marketing. The figures reaffirm that EU cooperatives maintain a strong and dynamic market presence in the European food supply chain, with total turnover of some 22 000 cooperatives reaching as much as €347 billion euros". Wrapping up, he said "It is vital for the EU institutions to realise that cooperatives play a fundamental role in European agriculture and must be encouraged. The right policies must be put in place to ensure this".

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European agri-cooperatives, Cogeca (2015)


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