Observatory for Belgian co-operatives

Reliable statistic data on the co-operative movement remain scarce. Also in Belgium co-operatives cope since decades with a lack of visibility and recognition amongst the wider public, policymakers and sometimes even their own members. A common identity is absent, amongst others through the large diversity of sectors in which we encounter co-operatives.

That’s why Cera Coopburo is investing in the development of an observatory for Belgian co-operatives. Cera Coopburo negociated a partnership with the ‘Centrum voor Sociaal en Coöperatief Ondernemen’ (CESOC) of the KHLeuven, under the leadership of Wim Van Opstal. Periodically we issue ‘profiles’, amongst others, on the activities, the employment, the financial position and the geographical spreading of co-operatives in our country. Furthermore these data are also set in perspective through the calculation of the macro-economic importance of the sector. The scope of the observatory covers all co-operative companies in Belgium. Furthermore separate profiles are being set up by the NRC official co-operatives and co-operatives with a social purpose.


Coöperaties in België. Top 100 van de grootste Belgische coöperatieve vennootschappen in 2011. Wim Van Opstal, 2013. Leuven: CESOC-KHLeuven & Cera Coopburo.

Coöperaties in België. Profielschets 2005-2010. Wim Van Opstal, 2013. Leuven: CESOC-KHLeuven & Cera Coopburo.